Travelling by plane with young children?

Dreading the flight?

You need a TravelSnug!


TravelSnugTM is a soft, fleecy carry-on cushion that will cocoon your child helping them stay comfortable and fidget free for longer on the flight. Light weight and easy for your child to carry using the handy carry strap, the TravelSnug is a must have for all our young flyers!

A cosy carry-on cushion designed to make an adult sized seat child sized.

Designed by a long haul flyer Mum who frequently travelled solo with two infants (only 15 months apart) between the UK and The States - the TravelSnugTM was the answer to many of the challenges when travelling with small children.

A comfortable child, a more relaxed you!

Many Airlines and travel companies will allow children to take on cushions, neck supports and even a pillow as carry - on items. TravelSnug is a simple, specifically shaped carry-on cushion designed to aid comfort.

Successfully trialled on flights to Australia, various States in the US, Canada, Europe, Eurostar and coach/ bus journeys, the TravelSnugTM offers a portable, flexible solution to seats that are not made to fit small children.

Washable & squashable!

Designed in attractive, soft fleece fabric with matching blanket - the TravelSnugTM rolls to fit into a handy carry strap that can be carried by your child, you, or popped over the suitcase handle or buggy handle.

With its unique loop fixings (and for size 1 only integral strap between the legs), the TravelSnugTM is secured by way of the seat lap belt whilst in no way impeding the quick release system. The loop fixings are positioned to ensure the TravelSnugTM curves around your child creating a snugly "nest" helping to support their head and neck and creating a comfortable sleeping position should they fall asleep. The wrap around design keeps arms, hands and heads tucked in helping to protect them from trolleys and passengers moving down the aisle.

Available in two sizes - TravelSnugTM size 1 - approximately 12months to 3 years and TravelSnugTM size 2 - approximately 3 to 6 years, the patented side loops allow the aeroplane lap belt to be passed through to help shape the TravelSnug to give the comfort and support your child needs as you secure the lap belt.

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TravelSnugTM size 1 also has an additional strap that comes up between the child's legs to attach to the aeroplane lap belt to help with the wriggle factor and further secure your child within their seat.

If your child travels wearing a harness, size 1 and size 2 TravelSnugsTM are available with harness slots and additional between the legs strap. These can be a single letterbox slot or two separate slots - please contact us to discuss the type of harness you will be using.

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What size TravelSnug?tm

TravelSnugApprox age of child Approx measurement base of spine to shoulder levelMeasurements needed
Size 115 months - 3 yearsLess than 30cms
Size 1 (H) with shoulder slots for use with a harness 15 months - 3 yearsLess than 30cms
Size 23 years - 6 yearsBetween 30 and 50 cms
Size 2 (H) with shoulder slots for use with a harness3 years - 6 yearsBetween 30 and 50 cms
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Manufactured in the United Kingdom